Minding my own Small Business!

You might’ve heard these words going around on the Internet, “Minding my own small business!” Cute right?

I wanted to use this same phrase to tell you a little bit about what’s happening in my little corner of Adele & Joy.


I started my  business almost 3 years ago, and being mainly online I feel like I have been finding my way around in a poorly lit room, some times tripping and falling using social media!

Its sometimes so easy for me to lose my direction using social media - looking around at other peoples feeds,  I love so many things and I get so inspired by so many things, I can easily go up and down rabbit trails, (just to stress the point that I am a sponge for shiny creative feeds) buuuuuttt over time, I remember my vision and get back on track, and it reinforces more than ever who and what I am about.


Building community to encourage those around me using my art and designs

Is the second step I had to work through of putting myself out there- it was another scary next step for me. Getting into the community, very quickly grew to be a fun thing to do, it built my confidence as I met people and began to share my work and see people enjoying what I did that has been great!


Those 2 steps in building this business has been huge steps-  this is me doing business my way, overcoming my own limitations  and I hope that I have inspired you.


I hope you all have or have had a wonderful year and all the best for the New Year 2023.

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